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"To me, luxury is peace of mind" - Paolo Presti

Building Homes and Relationships for over 20+ Years.

For over 20+ years, Presti Homes and Developments has been building beautiful quality homes that Quebec residents have cherished day after day. A family-owned and operated business dedicated to first-rate craftsmanship, Presti has expanded to serve clients internationally by building luxury custom homes in Las Vegas. 

Clients can customize their home to fit their unique style, needs and budget. The Presti team prides itself in its ability to listen and work closely with their clients throughout the entire construction process. Presti’s goal is to exceed all expectations by building each client the home of their dreams.

Come meet with the Presti team and discover how simple it is to make your dreams come true.

Developing Excellence

WINNER 33rd Edition (2015)

New dwelling unit or luxury renovation over 1,000,000 $

WINNER 32nd Edition (2014)

Single dwelling construction from 500,000 $ to 1,000,000 $

WINNER 31st Edition (2013)

Single dwelling construction from 260,000 $ to 500,000 $

WINNER 31st Edition (2013)

Natural gas residential project

WINNER 28th Edition (2010)

Single dwelling construction from 225,000 $ to 350,000 $

WINNER 26th Edition (2008)

Single dwelling construction from 225,000 $ to 350,000 $


27th, 29th and 30th Editions

NovoClimat 2.0

As a proud group select member of the Novoclimat Program, Presti builds energy efficient homes with government certified superior insulation and ventilation. At the request of the client, a Presti home can be certified Novoclimat 2.0 depending on the systems and materials used during the construction process. Proposals and reports will be submitted at each step to ensure satisfaction of Novoclimat guidelines and to guide the client throughout the entire process.

Building Homes and Relationships for over 20+ Years

Constantly innovating and using the latest technology, Presti guarantees each project will be built with the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship. Let us show you how the best building practices and great teamwork can turn any space into your dream home.

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