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The same Presti care and quality seen in our prestigious custom homes can be found translated into our rental projects. Whether it is a functional studio, or a large 3-bedroom apartment, no shortcuts are taken to ensure all residents feel like they are living in luxury.

Carefully crafted with the finest materials and amenities, a Presti building is a place to call home.

It all starts with location. Whether it is in the bustling core of downtown Montreal, or in the peaceful suburbs, each Presti project brings out the most of its surroundings. Care in comfort and craftsmanship are some of the many distinct characteristics found in our rental projects. Various amenities such as rooftop terraces, pools, and fitness centres are accessible throughout our buildings. 

As a family-owned and operated company, we prioritize hospitality and customer service. Every client and resident has access to the best Presti has to offer. Luxury is woven into every square foot. From first-class materials to exceptional appliances, Presti properties have heightened the standard of living.

Presti Quality

Refined materials and carefully crafted details have become essential qualities of the Presti package. Outfitted with top-tier appliances and finishings, Presti rental projects stand out from others and are designed to uplift any space, no matter the size. From full-ceramic bathrooms to quartz countertops and backsplashes, residents can expect only the best. Imported Italian oak doors have become a staple in Presti projects and are only one of the luxurious, quality features one can find in our buildings. Sit back, relax, and live life with comfort and peace of mind in a Presti building.

  • Italian Oak Doors
  • Full-Ceramic Bathrooms
  • Stainless-Steel Kitchen Appliances
  • Engineered Wood Floors
  • Blinds
  • In-Suite Laundry/Dryer
  • Rooftop Terrasse
  • Pool
  • Smart Parcel Lockers

Building Homes and Relationships for over 20+ Years.

Constantly innovating and using the latest technology, Presti guarantees each project will be built with the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship. Let us show you how the best building practices and great teamwork can turn any space into your dream home.

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